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Monday, July 1, 2013

Gmail issue is fixed by Google for Android

Google had removed the delete button in from Android app for Gmail some times back now this feature is again started by Google.

In june Google has removed the delete button from its Gmail app for android, lots of people poll to fix this issue as the absence of the button is not figured by most people even it is restored by changing some settings, but from company view it is a great experience for users of this app,

Well now Google has notice that and take back this feature and restored by default, and those who don't want it can be disable this. when Google change this feature they guide the users to better experience in future.but a noticeable fraction of people don't like the change. and generally most people said i am comfortable with the previous.

The thinking behind this the Gmail's archiving philosophy for inbox messages as they are deleted but remain somewhere in the storage. a large archive of email doing well with Google attempts to make your personal information more useful.or categorize email addresses in useful categories like social, promotional, important.

That's ok with me, but i am a avoid user of archiving tool. and not agree to diminish this delete button, now happy Google also agree.

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