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Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Unlock Phone with Unlock Codes

If your phone is locked with particular carrier or network, then you are most likely want to switch your carrier and unlock cell phone without any hassle. The solution is cell phone unlock codes . In today's scenario it is most common to use cell unlock codes for unlock cell phone, although few thinks that it is a lengthy process or even may damage their phones, but today it's only a myth,

So i think the first question arising in your mind, what is cell phone unlocking?

Even before know the cell phone unlocking we have to know, What is Phone Lock, Sim Lock or maybe Network Lock? The answer is - sim locking or network locking is a capability built in mobile phones by phone manufacturers, and network provider use this capability to restrict the use of phone with other country or network providers.

Whether cell phone unlocking is the process of reprogramming or alter the software information stored in a sim so that a cell phone can be used on different network provider, most mobile phones can be unlocked to use with any GSM carrier. The most easy process to unlock a phone is using unlock codes, because it is safe and easy to use. do not use free or firmware software to unlock your phone.

For getting unlock code specific to your phone you have to find a company that provide phone unlock codes, also assure that they support your phone manufacturer, model and original network service provider, Generally cell unlocking companies need basic information like phone manufacturer, phone model, original network service provider and imei number to unlock cell phone, To get your imei number type *#06# on your phone. generally the imei number is either 15 or 17 digits,

Provide these details and pay the required amount for particular unlock code through any payment method given by seller, Most companies use Paypal as a primary payment method, as it is most secure and safe way to make payments. however some companies use different payment methods other than paypal, after a specified time they deliver the unlock code (generally 8 digit) in your email, also most companies provide complete guide and instructions to input the code.

Read these code entry instructions carefully and follow when input the code in your phone,
Note - when these instruction do not work in first attempt, do not try for more attempts, contact the unlock code provider company for getting instructions specific to your phone model, try again and you will unlocked your phone in minutes.

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