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Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Purchase Cell Phone Unlock Codes Online

If you have a phone which is locked to one carrier, it might be possible that you are looking to unlock your cell phone to use with other carrier or network providers, generally when you purchase a gsm phone which is locked to one carrier bounded to use the services of that particular carrier for a specific time of contract period.

Companies launched the locked phone for a promotion for using their services, while user purchased locked phones because they will get it at lower price than the regular price of phone. But maybe you have some possible reasons to unlock your cell phone. One of the main reason that the high service charges levied by current carrier, some other reasons that you want to avoid roaming charges while travelling to overseas.

Finally if you opt to unlock your cell phone there are two methods available, first by unlock code and second by unlocking software. Rather than unlocking software cell phone unlock codes are more reliable and easy to use.

So for getting the unlock code for your phone you have to purchase it from one of cell phone unlock code providers. Today there are several companies providing unlock code online, you can compare them by their prices, processing time and level of customer support, some of the best options are,, etc. 

When you decided the company you have to provide some basic details like your phone make, model number, current network provider of phone and IMEI number (to get the imei number press *#06# on your phone). Then pay the amount they required through paypal or any other payment method. However most companies use paypal as it is the safest and convenient method to make online payments.

After processing your order they will deliver the unlock code and code entry instructions in your email. Some companies provide the instant delivery of code based on your current carrier or some companies charge extra cost to get instant unlock codes, when get these these unlock code and instructions to input the code go ahead with them, Read and follow these instructions and you will unlock your phone in minutes. Now you are ready to use your phone with other network providers.

Note: If these code entry instructions are not working in first attempt contact the phone unlocking company for more specific instructions for your phone make and model.

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