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Sunday, March 20, 2016

5 Things Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Can Do but iPhone Can't

Many smartphone companies have been in a tough competition over past few years. Samsung and Apple are two giants that have dominated the phone market worldwide. They have launched several high-end smartphones on the market. However, more people are into Samsung Galaxy Edge Series as these phones are considered better than their rivals. There are many features that you can find on these devices which iPhone devices don’t have. It’s important to know what Samsung S7 can do. With this, you can determine whether or not the phone is superior to its competitors.


Awesome Features of Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Easy to Launch Camera

This feature will be quite useful for you who love to take photos. The latest products, you can launch the camera easily. What you need to do is to press the home button twice to operate the camera. According to the manufacturer, it will help users to use the camera fast in less than a second. You can’t find this feature on Apple’s smartphones. You can only take advantage of the camera icon located on the home screen. This isn’t an efficient way to launch the camera, especially when you need to capture important moments fast.

2. Better Low-Light Pictures

You have found many problems when taking pictures of the low-light conditions, haven’t you? The only solution to deal with those problems is to include flash when taking photos. Well, this isn’t necessary if you have Galaxy S7. The phone has a nice improvement in this field. It’s able to capture better pictures in low light or dim conditions. The manufacturer has improved their camera sensor’s pixels size. That means the camera can take much light when capturing pictures regardless of the conditions. When compared to iPhone 6s, Galaxy S7 can take a less grainy and brighter shot in the dark background.

3. A Simpler Payment System

You have been familiar with NFC. This is the most common payment system for mobile devices. Even Apple Pay relies on this technology. Still, it’s limited in some areas. On the other hand, Samsung Pay is more flexible. The owners of the Galaxy S7 can use this feature to almost all payment terminals. To put it simply, it works anywhere like credit cards. It doesn’t even need the supports from NFC.

4. Wireless Charging

This is a great feature. Many Android phones have used this as well. Galaxy S7 series can be replenished without plugging it into the outlet. What you need to do is to rest the phone on a charging pad. This way, the phone will recharge itself. This feature is available to the newest products of Samsung. Galaxy S6 also can make use of it, too. As long as there’s a charging mat, you can charge the phone wirelessly. This feature doesn’t support iPhone yet.

5. Expandable Storage Capacity

Here’s another great feature of Galaxy S7. You can store lots of files. In fact, you can store movies with hourly duration. The phone can even support extra memory up to 200GB. Both S7 and S7 Edge have this feature. You can’t get it from iPhone, after all.

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