How to Unlock iPhone s

How to Unlock iPhone

iPhone Factory Unlocking

Unlock iPhone

iPhone Unlocking Instructions 


1. Dial *#06# on your iPhone to get your IMEI number.
2. Place your order here to Unlock iPhone
3. Once you have successfully placed your order with us, wait for the given processing or delivery time on our website. after that we will send you and email stated the message "Activated" or "Unlocked".
4. After getting the "Unlocked" message from us, Do the following things,
  • Install last version of iTunes.
  • Make sure your iTunes is the latest version.
  • Connect your phone to iTunes with Non Accepted sim card.
  • Wait for the moment until your iTunes detects the phone.
  • Now disconnect your phone and reconnect after 10 seconds.
  • Your phone is unlocked, you will see the message " Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.
  • Now your iPhone is Factory Unlocked and you can use it with any GSM carrier
This is the lifetime unlock solution for Apple iPhone as the IMEI number is registered as Unlocked in Apple database. your phone will be always unlocked even after each new update  of your phone firmware.

I received a message "Activated" or "Unlocked", but when i try to connect iTunes nothing happens.

Try connecting to iTunes, Perform a backup then restore.

Important Instructions
  • If your iPhone is Barred or Blacklisted by the network, please contact us first before placing an order, only some iPhone's are unlocked with Barred or Blacklisted.
  • You will need to connect you iPhone to latest version of iTunes.
To get your iPhone Factory Unlocked, you will need place your order here:

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Some Popular iPhone Models for Unlocking

Unlock iPhone 3G
Unlock iPhone 3GS
Unlock iPhone 4
Unlock iPhone 4S
Unlock iPhone 5
Unlock iPhone 5S
Unlock iPhone 5C
Unlock iPhone 6
Unlock iPhone 6 plus
Unlock iPhone 6S 
Unlock iPhone 6S Plus 
Unlock iPhone 7
Some Popular Supported Networks for iPhone Unlocking

USA Networks

Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 3G
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 3GS
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 4
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 4S
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 5
Unlock AT&T  USA iPhone 5S
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 5C
Unlock T-mobile USA iPhone 5
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 6
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 6 Plus
Unlock T-Mobile iPhone 6 Plus
Unlock AT&T USA iPhone 6S 
Unlock MetroPCS iPhone 6S

Australia Networks

Brazil Networks

Canada Networks

Croatia Networks

Unlock T-Mobile Croatia iPhone 4

France Networks

UK Networks

Japan Networks